Johan Svensson Collection (Bandhagen, Sweden, Biondibooks 2006) is a little collection of paintings by Svensson involving fashion, design, advertising, music, fashion and art (from Madonna to Schubert, Black Sabbath to Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan to Greateful Dead) where the book one-way includes paintings i color, and the book turned upside down has a sequence of black and white paintings. From LP-cover art to CD jewel boxes, these paintings of paintings or covers of covers make an interesting take on the culture of great reproductions by Svensson - who ingests all the images with an emotive take, something personal, something intimate, something genuine. These interpretations of the collection Svensson treasures gives us an inside look on the desires and passions of the collector - not the musicans and not the famous people, but the collector who owns 15.000 vinyl albums and still looking for more. Two essays by Lennart Persson and jelena Zetterstrom explain and extract the essence of these wonderful pages.

Umbrella editiones. Vol. 29 # 3, September 2006